Hi, I'm Trish

I live for the opportunity to connect with new souls and encapsulate the essence of love stories, my heart finds its solace in this art.

From the tender age of seven, my fascination with the world of photography ignited and flourished. Hours would slip by as I immersed myself in my parents' wedding albums, captivated by the timeless allure of their monochrome and vibrant film snapshots. This profound experience ignited the spark that led me into the realm of photography.

This is me...

I wanted to share my love story with you...

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| Story Time |

The new years eve of 2013, Trish and her mom sat on the roof (like they did every previous new year’s eve, as a tradition, to watch the fireworks) and talked about Trish's future. The topic of the 'right man' came up and they said that in the new year (2014), Trish will meet a guy who'll love her unconditionally, and whom she'll be able to share her future with.

My Epic Love Story...

Benno & Trish

Benno & Trish

Our Wedding