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I’ve been in love with photos since I was 7 years old. As a child I would sit and flip through my Mom and Dad’s photo albums for hours at a time, because it just NEVER GOT OLD! 🙂

Photography is my ultimate happy place, and as time goes by, I’m realizing that it is, and will always be what I’ll love to do, for the rest of my life.

My dream for PoemBox has always been to create art, and we’ve been treating each project like a unique and sought after art piece. We are a Photography and Graphic Design studio based in Pretoria, South Africa, and with our creative and artsy ideas, we want to give you an experience that you will never forget.

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Weddings start at R9,000. Please send us an email at to find out more.


We love our style of editing, and we really want all of our images to have a consistent look and feel, and thus, we will never NOT edit all of the images you’ll receive from us.

PoemBox’s offices are based in Pretoria East.

We love to travel. We will travel anywhere in South Africa, and in rare cases anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately not.

We love editing our images, and we want to give you images that are US. If we give unedited images to a client, it will not represent our aesthetic, and the client might be disappointed.

Unfortunately not.

We have a moodier style, so please make sure, when you book us, that you like our style as much as we like it.

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